• Mahindra Earth Master


    EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX

    Excavator Controls

    Mechanical Levers

    Mechanical Levers

    Instrument Cluster




    1st Year*
    Standard Warranty
    Unlimited Hours

    1st Year*
    Standard Warranty
    Unlimited Hours

    Banana Boom Design

    1800 Revolving Seats with Arm Rest & Seat Belt

    Mobile Charger

    Storage Box


    EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX

    Mahindra DITEC

    Turbocharged lntercooled Diesel

    No. of Cylinders



    3532 cc

    Gross Horse Power

    83 PS @ 2300 RPM

    Peak Gross Torque

    321Nm@1300-1700 RPM


     EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX


    Four Speed (4 Forward, 4 Reverse),
    Low Noise, Two Wheel Drive (2 WD),
    Synchronised Shuttle Transmission with
    Electrically operated Reversing Shuttle and
    Torque Convertor having stall ratio of 2.17:1

    Speeds (With IND Tyres)

    1st F/R - 6.38 km/hr
    2nd F/R - 10.59 km/hr
    3rd F/R - 24.66 km/hr
    4rd F/R - 40.70 km/hr


     EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX

    System Type & Pressure

    Open Centre: 250 Bars (3675 PSI)

    Pump Type

    Fixed Displacement Gear Pump

    Pump Delivery (Max. Output)

    115 LPM @ 2350 RPM

    Control Valves Backhoe & Loader

    Sectional Valves
    (Sandwich Type, Individualliy Replaceble)

    Excavetor Performance


    EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX

    Maximum Dig Depth

    4891 mm

    Reach at Ground level to Slew Centre

    5650 mm

    Reach at Full Height to Slew Centre

    2900 mm

    Maximum Digging Height

    6080 mm

    Maximum Dump Height

    4350 mm

    Excavator Pivot Mechanism


    Side Shift

    Fixed Centre Pivot

    Side Reach to Centre of the Machine


    6245 mm

    5650 mm

    Excavator Bucket Breakout Force

    5214 Kg

    Excavator Arm Breakout Force

    3435 Kg

    Boom Hydraulic lift Capacity

    1180 Kg

    Backhoe Bucket Capacity


    0.24 CuM

    0.24 CuM

    Loader Performance


    EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX

    Dump Height

    2716 mm

    Load Over Height

    3278 mm

    Reach at Ground

    1360 mm

    Maximum Reach at Full Height

    1091 mm

    Loader Bucket Breakout Force

     6243 Kg

    Loader Arm Breakout Force

     5594 Kg

    Loader Lift Capacity at Full Height

    3889 Kg

    Loader Bucket Capacity


    1.0 CuM

    1.0 CuM




    EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX

    Hydraulic Oil

    105 Litres

    50 Litres

    Diesel Tank

    120 Litres

    120 Litres

    Engine Coolant

     17 Litres

    Ready Mix(17Litres)

    Engine Oil

    14 Litres

    13 Litres

    Transmission Oil

    14 Litres

    8 Litres

    Rear Alex Oil

    17.1 Litres

    17.1 Litres


    Standard (Traction)

    Optional (Heavy Duty)

    EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX


    9X16 - 16PR

    9X16 - 16PR


    16.9X28 - 12PR

    14X25 - 20PR



    Outside Bucket (Inner Wheels Braked)

    3490 mm

    Outside Wheels (honor Wheels Braked)

    4670 mm

    Outside Bucket (Inner Wheels not Braked)

    4445 mm

    Outside Wheels (Inner Wheels not Braked)

    5660 mm

    Shipping Wheight Of Vehicle

    EarthMaster SX

    EarthMaster LX

    Shipping Weight of the Machine with Industrial Tyre

    7580 Kg

    7270 Kg

    Shipping Weight of the Machine with HD Tyre

    7870 Kg

    7560 Kg

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